Facebook has recently added new features to its website. If you’re one of its 2.23 billion users, the chances are that you may not be fully aware of these changes. Since Facebook and Instagram are linked, most of the former’s new features will affect the latter. Thus, not only is it helpful to learn about these changes but also to be familiar with the ways that they might affect your usage with these platforms.

1. Redesigned Pages on Mobile.

Facebook has updated their business pages to be more mobile-friendly for its users.

2. Facebook Page Recommendations.

If you like a page or place an order through a link on it, you may be asked to “recommend” the page, instead of giving a review.

3. Self-Serve Brand Lift in Test and Learn.

You can now have more insight into your campaign’s status, as Facebook has implemented numerous self-serve options that will allow seeing how your Ad campaigns impact the perception of your brand.

4. Video Creation Kit.

With this update, you can now assemble images and create your videos, directly through Facebook. Furthermore, it has also been optimized for mobile devices.

5. Value-Based Lookalike Audiences.

A new feature that identifies and targets individuals, similar to your customers. Also, this function applies to both clients’ online and offline behaviors.

6. Video Metrics Updates.

With this new info, you can usefully track your viewers and their interests, helping you to tailor your videos based upon the collected engagement data.

7. Facebook Stories Ad.

With the new and improved Facebook Stories Ads, you can reach your customers with product information and generate leads. There are now more available options for you to create the most efficient marketing experience for your audience.

8. Value Optimization with Minimum ROAS Bidding.

Users can now select the value of the campaign that they would like to run. With this feature, you can choose a minimum amount, and Facebook will either match or exceed it. This option maximizes your gain while keeping your expenses as low as possible.

9. Shopping In Instagram Stories.

It is now possible for potential customers to purchase by clicking to your Insta story, thanks to the new product stickers.

10. Augmented Reality Ads.

You can now let viewers “test,” experience, and interact with your products or services, thanks to the new Reality Ad options.

11. Playable Ads.

Viewers can demo your gaming apps before purchasing it. Also, this feature increases your chances of selling the product, as your audience will have the opportunity first to try it and leave feedback. A positive experience will most likely drive more sales.