14 Essential Tips for an Engaging Facebook Business Page

Facebook has completed 13 years of its incredible journey, and it’s still the most liked and preferred social networking platform for business owners to promote their brand. As this giant social media website is the most favorite online place to stay for hours for billions of monthly users, you have great opportunities to promote your brand either by creating a new Facebook page for your brand or by utilizing the existing page in the way you should be.


Now you must be thinking that alike using Facebook for fun, entertainment and connecting with both known and unknown peoples from around the world, promoting your brand using a Facebook business page will be a piece of cake, right?


No, using a Facebook business page for brand promotion is not merely posting a picture with some texts and expecting to get too many likes, shares, and comments from the active Facebook users.


You need to design an effective brand promotion strategy to utilize your Facebook business page. Your ultimate goal is to get noticed by the maximum like-minded audience and get leads and new customers from your efforts. So, your posts on your Facebook page should represent your brand positively. For example, instead of posting any picture, you need to choose an image that is relevant to your brand, has the right dimensions and has a good resolution.


You can explore this Facebook Live guide which is a great tutorial of utilizing the ‘Facebook Live’ video streaming feature to increase your social followings and spreading your brand awareness among your target audience.


But, this is not it. To help you know about creating an engaging Facebook business page to utilize the best of Facebook Marketing, we have listed and discussed some important tips below:

14 Tips to utilize the most of your Facebook business page to promote your brand

1. Never Use Your Personal Profile for Promoting Your Business or Brand, Create a Facebook Business Page Instead:

A lot of times we come across marketers and entrepreneurs who, instead of creating an actual Facebook Business Page, create a personal profile to represent their brand. Personal profiles are not meant for promotional purposes and doing so for your brand will make you miss using all those features that come with Facebook business pages such as paid promotion opportunities, tools to create content and analytics/insights. Moreover, in a personal profile, people would need to send you a friend request to engage with you. It will make things more difficult for your customers.


Not just that! Creating an additional public and professional profile will also not help. A lot of people, already having a personal Facebook profile, create another one looking more professional to get in contact with other people of the same profession. But Facebook’s terms of service does not support multiple personal accounts.

2. Don’t Let Any Publishing Mishap occur, assign page roles to people wisely:

We all have heard about many incidents where marketers or employees accidentally post personal content on their employer’s social media business profiles. To avoid such nightmares, assign the Facebook Business Page roles only to those employees who need it for working on it to promote your brand. Before assigning the roles, be sure to provide proper training to those employees who are new to the management of social media business profiles. The newbies should not be getting confused about when and what to post or publish on the business page, how to schedule things beforehand when needed and who they should post as. To do that, click on “Settings,” and then on “Page Roles” on your business page.


Moreover, when you are managing a business page, you need to remember that you are posting as your brand, not as yourself. You can check that by clicking “Settings” and then “Page Attribution.”

3. The Profile Picture Should Be Clear, Attractive and Represent Your Brand:

Choosing the perfect profile picture is another important tip for you. It should be recognizable. If your Facebook business page is on the name of your company, then it should contain your business logo for branding purpose and if you are a consultant or a freelancer, put your picture or a headshot. If you are recognizable, it is easy to be found in the Facebook search.


While choosing a profile picture, it is necessary to keep in mind the dimensions also. Facebook displays profile picture of a business page at 170×170 pixels on the desktop and 128×128 pixels on smartphones. Facebook also keeps changing the dimensions which you can find here at any time you want.

Facebook rossy - Marketing tips

4. Choose an Attractive and Engaging Cover Picture:

Once profile picture is in place, selecting an attractive cover image becomes important. Cover photo occupies a significant area on the top of your business page, so it has to be the one in high-quality and engaging

west spa - Engaging Facebook Business Page cover

Just like profile pictures the dimensions of cover photos are also defined, and they keep changing which you can find here. Currently, the dimensions are 640×360 pixels on smartphones and 820×312 pixels on computers.

5. You Must Add a Call-to-action (CTA) Button

Facebook launched the CTA feature at the end of 2014. There are a lot of options for brands like “Book Now”, “Sign Up”, ‘’Contact Us’’ or “Watch Video”. These could also be customised with your URL or any content of your choice.

call to action facebook exemple

Adding CTA is an excellent way to drive the traffic directly to their websites. You can add the call-to-action button by clicking on the blue box that says “Add a Button”. Then you can choose the URL/Contact Number/Text you want to link to the button. You can also link any existing content on your page. To know how many people are clicking on your CTA, select “View Insights” from the drop-down arrow.

Call to action facebook - add a button

6. Add All the Possible Basic Information in the ‘About’ Section of your Page Including the Company Milestones:

Putting the information in the ‘About’ section of your Facebook business page is the most important part creating a great brand presence on Facebook.


When your audience enters your page, they are unable to see the preview of your ‘About’ section automatically. But if someone has an interest in your business or page, to know more about your business, he/she will click the ‘About’ section to have a more detailed information about your brand.


The visitors will read the information you put in this section and decide if they want to like it. By reading your “About”, they get a general sense of what your Page is about. Thus you need to optimise this section very carefully and in such a way that it best aligns with your brand. You can put in a general description of your brand, your mission, basic company information, your story, etc. There is also a section where you can put in awards and milestones like the founding day and date, any major event hosted by your brand or the date of launch of your products or services.

7. Post Relevant Pictures and Videos on Your Page’s Timeline

Content that is visually appealing like photos, infographics and videos are a requirement for a popular online presence. Interesting visual content has 40X more chances of being shared on social media as compared to other content.


Photos capture the moments wonderfully, but it is advisable to invest your resources in the video too. A report in the 2017 State of Inbound stated that videos are the “main disruptor,” and that 24% of marketers name it as a top priority.


Even Facebook has “Watch video” as one of the options for putting in call-to-action button. Videos have become the most popular way of representing content on the internet. And it is not limited to pre-recorded videos. In fact, according to a research, on an average people watch Facebook Live video 3X more than recorded video.

8. Research and Decide the Ideal Time and the Frequency for Your Posts:

If you are planning a strategy to promote your brand using your Facebook business page, you must include a plan about when and how many times you should post every day.


If you post content too frequently, people might get fed up with your content, and your page won’t look authentic and reliable. And if you don’t post too often, then people will hardly trust your brand. If you can’t decide on the optimum frequency, you can always refer the social media editorial calendar. While posting on a regular basis on your Facebook page, you will have to check your insight and analytics to see the how much engagement you are getting on your posts. During the initial stage of setting up your business page, you will have to change your calendar many times for making an effective posting strategy.


You can also schedule your posts to post it on the popular times. Facebook has an option of “Schedule Post” right next to the Publish button. Or you can even use an external tool like the Social Inbox.

facebook schedule post
facebook schedule post 2

9. Use Facebook’s Targeting Tools to Target Your Audience:

Facebook Business Pages have an option of targeting specific audiences by gender, age, interest, relationship, language, educational status, or location. Using these criteria, you can segment individual posts for best results.


There is a small button in the shape of bullseye symbol which will allow you to set metrics for both kind of audiences, the ones that might be interested in your posts and also the ones that might not want to see your content.

facebook target audience tool

10. Use the ‘Pin to Top of Page’ Option to Pin Important Posts

Facebook page goes chronologically. So when you post new content on your page, the older posts get automatically pushed down. Your page’s timeline will show the most recent posts on top of the page. But sometimes there are some posts which you want to stay on the top even after you publish many new posts.


Facebook provides the option to pin your favorite post for as much time you wish to. You can utilize this feature to pin an upcoming event, an important announcement or to promote your brand by pinning an attractive offer. But you can use this option to pin only one post at a time.


Pin to Top of Page” option could be seen in the drop down list at the upper-right corner of a post. The pinned post will have a bookmark symbol on it.

facebook pin to top page 2
facebook pin to top page

11. Utilize the Option to Choose Whether You Want Your Audience To message You privately on Your Page

Facebook allows you interact with your fans both publically and privately. If you want them to message you directly from the Facebook page, you can do so by changing the settings related to “Messages” present on the “General” section on the left-hand column of your settings.

facebook pin to top page 2

It is advisable to enable the private messaging feature because it makes very easy for your fans to reach to you. But then you need to regularly respond to the messages and monitor the incoming new messages. Facebook Pages show the information as to how frequently a brand page responds to private messages. So if you are slow at answering the messages, it will be shown to your fans. In that case, you might just disable the feature.

facebook very reponsive

12. You Need To Monitor and Respond to the Comments on Your Page Promptly:

Interaction with fans doesn’t just happen over messages. The Facebook fans on your page also leave a lot of comments on posts. You need to monitor them and respond to all the comments. You will get a notification for every new comment via the ‘Notifications’ tab at the very top of your page. You don’t need to answer every comment, but you should monitor the conversation and reply when needed. You should know what is happening if you want to avoid potential social media junctures.

13. Start Promoting Your Business Page To Increase Followers & Fans:

Only filling up your page with content is not enough. You need to promote it so that it reaches the right audiences. There are many ways to do it.


One, you can create an ad for your page. You can do that by clicking on “Create Ad” option from the top menu bar of your page. Facebook will let you create an ad based on your goals, traffic, reach, or brand awareness. Choose your parameters and click on continue.

facebook marketing objetives

After creating the ad, you can select your target audience, your budget and where you want Facebook to place it. You can get more information on payment for Facebook Ads here.

14. At last, Analyse the Results of Your Efforts That You Put In Promoting Your Facebook Business Page:

Finally, you need to measure the success of your Facebook Page. You can study the page insights which helps you track metrics related to the engagement of your page. You can analyze the demographics of your audience, demographics of people who were able to engage with your posts and so on. Alternatively, you can also use third party software like the social media reports tool. This will help you modify your Facebook Page content posting strategy and let you publish more of what works and less of what doesn’t. Facebook Page Insights can be viewed by clicking on the tab at the top of your page.