You’ve surely heard it before, an image is worth a thousand words – so how many images is a video on social media worth? Our expert videographer Baptiste Desmonts gives his best advice.

If photos have already had their moment of glory on Facebook, then animated content is now king, with Gifs and videos being prioritized in users’ timelines. Animated content elicits much higher rates of engagement on the platform that does everything to make it go viral.

Become a Video Master

 “In order to be effective and pertinent in terms of promotion, a video shouldn’t be too long,” advises Baptiste. “The ideal length is around one minute, which is perfect for catching the attention of clients! This is even more true on Instagram, where just a few seconds of video will suffice,” he adds.

Quality must also be considered, according to the expert. As videos get shorter and shorter, they must be able to transmit their message quickly.

“The design of the video is important, especially in terms of sound. Users must be able to watch the video with or without sound,” says Baptiste. For this, it’s important to think of subtitles in order not to exclude a segment of viewers.

How Social Media is Adapting to these Trends

Instagram is also emphasizing videos, notably with the recent introduction of IG TV. IG TV allows users to create a video bank based on the people they follow, as YouTube does.

Video content tends to be created by users directly, as demonstrated by many popular viral videos on social media.

The rest is simply a question of the tools needed to make these videos. According to Baptiste, the best compromise is a multipurpose DSLR camera that offers good value for the quality of the images and videos produced.

More than just a fad, videos are appearing more and more on social media. Do you have any ideas for the next masterpiece that will appear on your brand’s Facebook page?

Author: Benoit Cheilletz