On a daily basis, the content you see on Facebook can vary widely, with some great posts and other not-so-great posts. To avoid this situation and make your posts as effective as they can be, follow these tips that are used by our expert content creators.

Firstly, “don’t forget the 80/20 rule: entertain your audience 80% of the time and dedicate the other 20% to promote products or services,” explains Mario Guardado, content expert at Ensuite Media.

Moreover, if you want your content to reach a specific audience, rely on your data! Thanks to Facebook Analytics, knowing the exact interests of your target market is easy. For example, if a large percentage of them follow soccer or even one player in specific, it would be strongly recommended to create engaging posts for the World Cup!

With the abundance of content on social media and especially on Facebook, it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract the attention of users.

“You have less than 3 seconds to catch the eye of a consumer, so why not start with something punchy!” explains Guardado. This principle applies to videos too – the user needs to get the message quickly!

Another crucial tip is to be personal. Posts will generate more engagement when people can relate to them. “Target one type of person and construct your message around that identity rather than trying to appeal to everybody,” recommends Guardado.

Mr. Guardado also notes that it’s always better to prioritize quality over quantity. It seems simple, but quality always wins, especially when trying to avoid crowding users’ timelines. It’s therefore more advantageous to post fewer high-quality posts rather than many posts a day, as those last posts offer no added value.