We’ve been very active in the late part of 2018 at Ensuite Media and we’d like to inform you of some exciting changes that have taken place. 

First of all, our team has grown and we are glad to have welcomed new employees to the family.  

Their skills and expertise will surely benefit our and your business and optimize performance, especially in the strategy and content departments. 

We are now stronger than ever and we are all collaborating as a team to make sure we deliver the best possible service and bring success to our great clients. 

Speaking of success, we’ve expanded our activities and created a Success department. That way, the needs and desire of our clients can be met with the upmost efficiency. 

Isabelle, Djody and Caroline, our Success Managers


The best way to reach our Success Managers is to send an email to [email protected] with any question or request you might have, and you are guaranteed to receive a response quicker than in the past.

We are dedicated to providing high quality professional marketing services to our clients who trust us to do what we love most.

On that note, we have been consistently working on a new platform that we will be launching soon.

The new platform will allow clients to directly send tasks to our agents, to see their progress and to know exactly where their money is going. 

The platform will give you more control and transparency with all your marketing needs.

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