Facebook marketing for business

Facebook is one of the well-known globally used networks that has more than 1.94 billion active monthly users. It serves as one of the most significant platform for the brand managers and owners that gives the opportunity to connect globally with the target audience and helps to distribute your product. In this article, we are going to share some useful marketing tips on how to create a perfect Facebook page to attract the customers and enhance your business performance.

To make your Facebook Business page, an important element of your business success, following points should be kept in mind while creating the page and how to keep updating it on a regular basis.

1. Create your Facebook Page

Let’s start from creating your actual Facebook Page. For this, you need to open the link given below:

Something like this will show up on your screen

Create facebook page business

From here, you have to choose the category of your page i.e., is it a local business, or a company, a public figure etc.


Now coming towards choosing the name of your page it is very important to be vigilant while doing so. If you already have other social media accounts that you are using for your business, then you should use the exact same name over here too, to make it easier for everyone to find you and connect with you. Filling up all the other necessary information is next.

2. Profile Photo and Cover Photo

Again, if you have your business page on other social media platforms, you should use the same photos for consistency. It is better to have your own logo, making it easier for people and your customers to identify you. The resolution of your photo should be high and catchy. It should also match with your business and be linked with your brand.

A cover photo is the one that appears on the top of your page. It is a great element to visually present your brand, to draw and grabs customers’ attention. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so be very vigilant in choosing the best photo to represent your brand. You can make it catchier by mentioning your tag line on it.

Below is one of the best example of a cover photo. That is how a cover photo for your business page should be and how by putting your tag line and other sentences on the image can make you stand out from the competition.

facebook cover picture

The important dimensions on the scale of how you should design your Profile Photo and Cover Photo are mentioned below


Profile photos:

Dimensions are 170×170 pixels for computers and 128×128 pixels for smartphones. Facebook automatically crops the profile picture to fit in a square.


Cover photos:

Dimensions are 820×312 pixels on computers and 640×360 pixels on smartphones. The minimum size is 399×150 pixels, but for optimal results, you better go for high resolution.


Other than this, another important tip is that it is better to use PNG format on the photo for better results on Facebook.
Moreover, there are great software out there that you can use to design the best photo for your page. They are Canva and Fotor. You can hire a designer to design the photo for your brand if you want to make an impression on your audience and create a more professional look.

3. Complete Your “About” Section

Completing your About Section and filling in all the necessary details should be done instantly and carefully. Click on About on the left-hand side, and you will get to see the edits in the following sections:


Contact Info
The more information available in this section, the better. Enter your website address, email address and links of the pages you have on other social media accounts.

Start Date
When you started off your business or when your company was founded.It gives everyone an idea of how long the business exists.

Business Details
It includes price range etc.

The Operating hours you would be available to answer the queries of the customers or other things.

If you are having a food business, then this section is for you.

There is a very limited space of only 255 characters. So choose carefully the right words to give details about your business.

This section is for the Mission Statement. Tell people in this section what your company is all about and what are your values.

Attached below is a photo of a perfect About Section.

faceboo about section

4. Customize Your Call-To-Action Button

There is a call to action button that is right below the cover photo of your page. This button is usually set by default to send messages. But, you can change it to other available options. The other options are:


  • Book Now
  • Contact Us
  • Shop Now
  • Watch Video


You can drive the traffic to something of great value by utilizing the button and customizing it.
For example, if you want people to register on your website for whatever business or service you offer, you can take them to the registration page by customizing your button to “Sign Up” or ‘’Shop Now’’ if you have an online shopping website

facebook button call to action

5. Assign Roles To Your Marketing Team

In order to run the business successfully, team work is a very crucial element. Similarly, your Facebook Page would be a great source of success for your business, if you hire the proper team and delegate them responsibilities carefully.


There are different positions that you need to fill in

An Admin
Admin is the person who has the full access to your Facebook Page. So choose the Admin wisely and choose the person who could help you in keeping the page alive and active.

An Editor
This person has the access to publish as your page, to send messages to the potential customers, to delete any abusive or bad comments, to reply to customers’ queries etc.

A Moderator
This person can send messages, respond to and delete comments, see which admin created a post or commented on a post, view insights, and respond to Instagram comments.
Moreover, a moderator can also create the ads for your page.

An Advertiser
Just like moderator, this person too can create Facebook ads, view insights and see which admin created a post or commented on a post.

An Analyst
This person can view insights and see which admin created a post or commented on a post.

A Live Contributor
This person can go live as the page from a mobile device and can engage the audience and create traffic on your page

Go to the “Settings” and then click on “Page Roles” on the left hand side of your screen to assign the roles to your team. You can assign the roles either by putting their names in the box or you can put their email in the text box.


For live Contributor, you have to be friends with that person to assign him/her this role.


If you wish to delete someone from the given role, you need to follow the same directions.


It is wise to give access to your Facebook Page to only one person to keep tab and consistency. Or else, if there is 4-5 persons who have access to your page, they would create posts that may not align well with your brand and may create ambiguity in the audience.


Another important point that needs to be kept in mind is to make sure that all the team should go through proper social media training and that you have a social media policy in place to protect both your company and your employees.

6. Publish your First Post

Since your Facebook Page is all set up now, it is the time to make your first post on your Facebook Page. It is important to make posts on regular basis to keep the page active and alive and keep the traffic on.


Another thing that has been noticed is that people tend to like visual content more, so it is advisable to use the visual content whenever you make some posts to grab the attention of the audience on your page.


The graph below shows the number of visitors on the posts with or without visual content.

facebook stats post with image

Now, at the end, we are going to share some useful tips on how you can increase the likes on your page and enhance the traffic.


First of all, keep in mind that before inviting people on your page, make sure that you have made 2 or 3 good posts about your business, your products, offers etc. There should be some content for the people visiting your page to have a look at.

Invite your Facebook Friends on Your Page

You have increased the population of your page by simply inviting your friends on your page. For this, you need to click on the three dots below the cover photo of your page, and invite your friends to your page.

facebook invite friends

Another useful tip is to mention your Facebook page on your website as well. People nowadays look for social media links for business to stay updated and connected with the business’s new upcoming offers and products. So, grab the traffic from your website to your Facebook Page.


Use your Email Signature to Promote your Facebook Page

This is a great opportunity to promote your Facebook page by having your Email Signature. You can search for tips on how to create catchy Email Signature and get some ideas online


Host A Contest

Hosting a contest, engaging people and driving traffic on your page is one great idea. Of course, who wouldn’t mind to share your page’s post or invite his/her friends on your page in the hope to win, and all that free of charge?

Make sure that the prize you pick is in line with your audience’s interest and make the contest easy to enter to generate high traffic.


What Type of Content to Post

Of course, as mentioned earlier, it is best to post visual content to catch customer’s attention. In addition to that, you can also post such stuff that would perform well on your Facebook Page


  • Quizzes
  • Blogs
  • List Post
  • How To’s, FAQs and Tutorials
  • Posts Answering Fan questions etc


When to Post
Choosing the right content to post along with the right timing plays an important part in increasing the traffic on your page.


If you think posting such content on weekends enhance the chance of the working audience to go on your page and participate in the contest, then you should go for that.