The new Messenger Platform gives your company the ability to have conversations with people on Messenger. This will change the way you handle customer service forever.


Ensuite Media has the team to help you build and promote your bot on Messenger so you can create a custom experience for your unique audience.



What are some of the uses of a Messenger bot?


  • Help in answering customer questions easier and faster
  • Help in reducing customer wait times on hold
  • Cut costs by reducing customer service staff
  • Reaching out to a younger demographic that prefers texting over calling
  • Reach out directly to customers that have agreed to be contacted by you
  • Offer unique, on-demand value to differentiate you from the competition




Chat Bot

What is a Chat bot?


Bots on Messenger will now allow businesses to deliver automated customer support, e-commerce guidance, content and interactive experiences through Facebook Messenger.



How does it work?


Bots on Messenger are built using a natural language framework. To make sure your Bot understands what people are saying to your app, you will need to define the type of conversations people will have with your company and also define intent.




An intent is something your end-user wants to perform ex:


  • Ask about the weather
  • Check their account balance
  • Get a restaurant recommendation
  • Set an alarm on their smartwatch
  • Open the garage door


This will require companies to think about what kind of conversations people will have with your app, program it and teach the Bot with examples (Called Stories)


Discovering Your Bot


Creating a Bot is great, but how do people hear about it?


Using plugins, codes and links people can discover your bot and start conversations. Using Customer Matching, you can reach people on Messenger if you have their phone number and they’ve agreed to be contacted by you.


Web Plugins:



Facebook created two new plugins we can drop onto your website that work on desktop and mobile web. When people click the “Send to Messenger” plugin, you can initiate a conversation with them in Messenger. The “Message Us” plugin takes the person directly to Messenger and allows them to initiate a conversation with you. On desktop, the person will be sent to messenger.com and on mobile they’ll be sent to the Messenger native app.


Customer Matching:


Customer matching allows you to reach people in Messenger if you have their phone number and their consent to be contacted by you.


In conversations on Messenger, people will see you as a brand and not just a short code.


Conversations initiated through Customer Matching will be received as Message Requests allowing people to be reached only by the bots they want to communicate with.


Your Bot in Messenger


With new ways for people to discover you, a conversation with your bot is only a tap away. People will see your Bot in their Messenger search screen.

Messenger Codes and Links


Place a Messenger Code anywhere and people can scan it to start a conversation with you. This can be at a physical location or on a product for example.



Having a Conversation


Welcome Screen


If a person starts a new conversation with your bot, you can set expectations with a welcome message and call-to-action to kick off the experience.
People who click the “Message Us” plugin or find you through search will see your welcome screen.



Structured Templates


You can format your messages in a variety of ways. Send simple text and images, or use our structured templates to customize your message bubbles. Structured templates allow you to render an image, text and multiple buttons in one message.



You can also render a carousel, allowing you to send a list of items in a compact way. Use buttons to include a call-to-action, which can open a web page or trigger a callback.



User Controls


Facebook updated Messenger to provide people with even more ways to control the conversation and make sure they can reach the businesses they care about. It’s also important to offer true customer value, this is not a promotional tool.




Get started with Messenger for business


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