With so many different types of ads, managing publicity on Facebook can seem complex. Like Ads? Brand Awareness? Which to choose and why? Joey Martel, an account manager at Ensuite Media for over two years, gives his advice.

Facebook’s algorithm recently changed and now heavily prioritizes posts. Friends, family, your colleague’s new cat – you’ll see all this on your Facebook timeline before seeing content produced by brands that interest you.

Joey explains that “sponsored posts and even Like Ads, if misused, can cost a company a lot of money, especially depending on the industry they’re in.”

Like Ads are sponsored ads with the goal of getting people onto your page. The objective is to make users understand why they should follow your page and all related activities, such as to get updates, to discover new products, or to participate in contests.

Like Ads attract people who are directly interested in a brand or product – quality fans that will be a part of a solid fan base.

What’s the point of a Brand Awareness Ad?

The chief principal of a Brand Awareness Ad is to inform on your brand in general or on certain products in a more precise way. They can target your previously-acquired fan base as well as people who need your product or service.

Once you have acquired a fan base, Facebook tends to suggest that brands opt for Brand Awareness Ads in order to solicit maximum engagement from your community.

“Brand Awareness Ads make it possible to create audiences based on popular ads, and to target the public more precisely than before,” explains Joey.

What strategy to adopt?

The answer depends on your current situation. If you’ve just started on Facebook, it is better to use Like Ads in order to build the foundations of your online image. Once you have gathered a fan base, Brand Awareness Ads should be used in order to get your fans accustomed to seeing your brand.

“Creating familiarity around your brand increases the chances of engagement,” according to Joey.