Boost your brand with ‘in-the-moment’ stories


The numbers are large. Their impact on business is larger.


Instagram boasts over 800-million monthly global active accounts and over 500-million daily ones. Over three-quarters (80 per cent) of account-holders follow a business. Over 200-million Instagrammers visit at least one business profile each day. Sixty percent of people say they discover new products on Instagram.

Instagram is a photo and video social media application. It is owned by Facebook and uses the same powerful advertising platform as it. But in addition to targeted advertising, businesses are using Instagram stories to drive customer engagement, brand awareness and sales.

“Instagram stories for businesses are a great way to showcase the activity behind the scenes of your company and the personality of your brands,” say two social media experts.

Dominique Champagne and Jennifer-Lee Gagnon are a senior account manager and advertising manager, respectively, at ENSUITEMEDIA. They advise that businesses use Instagram in addition to traditional social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


“A third of internet users are on Instagram,” they continue.


Instagram stories for businesses are 15-second photo or video spreads that remain viewable for 24-hours. The visual insight they provide into a business’s brands, operations and people is a powerful way to connect with potential and existing customers.

What’s more, say Champagne and Gagnon, these stories don’t require a full media facility or team to produce. And the visual content they present isn’t staged, making it “in-the moment” and genuine.

ENSUITEMEDIA, your full-service social media agency, has the know-how and the experts to maximize brand success with your Instagram campaign.

“We can do everything from A to Z or play the role of advisor,” said Champagne and Gagnon of their Instagram services.

“It’s very easy to make your brand appealing,” they conclude.