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Social media strategists

Rely on the expertise of our team of effective and experienced social media strategists. Because we are masters of the field, we will guide you through the features of each platform in addition to helping you develop an effective social media strategy that will help your business grow. Before starting any social media efforts, let us analyze your business and get you started on the right path!

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Content creators

EM is a content creation agency that produces all types of content related to social media advertising. Let our experienced team create bilingual organic posts, Facebook ads, blog posts, newsletters and more for you! Our social media agency’s content creators will make sure your message is delivered to the right people at the right time.

Creative designers

Our social advertising agency has a dedicated team of graphic designers who will take your brand’s image to the next level with their skills and expertise, according to your pre-established goals. You can count on them to create engaging and unique visuals that will reflect your company’s values and attract the reader’s eye.

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Applications and web programmers

On top of being the best social media management company in Canada, we also offer a comprehensive website building service to make sure your company has all the online visibility it needs to reach new clients and make more sales. Our web programmers will help you reach success by creating a website that aligns with your company’s aesthetic and financial goals.

Social media advertising experts

Ensuite Media has developed an expertise in social media, allowing you to have access to the latest developments and best advertising practices for your company. Work with our experts and have access to unmatched experience in social media, ad buys and priority support in all the major social media platforms. We will also make sure you reduce the operational risks of the investment while maximizing every dollar invested.

Community managers

One of the many social media management services we offer at Ensuite Media is content moderation. When you trust us with your daily social media interactions, you can be assured it will be handled with care and diligence. Our community managers will help you keep your clients pleased and your social media active.

Conversion experts

Let our experts help you turn those fans into real sales by tracking and optimizing website actions based on social media traffic.


Promote your business using high quality videos made by experienced and creative videographers. Filming, editing, broadcasting – we’ll take care of it all!

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Brand ambassadors

Sometimes you just need to right person to endorse your brand to bring your efforts full-circle. We can help you put together, contact and manage a list of brand ambassadors for your company to help promote your products and services.


Is your company website not showing up as the first result when doing a Google search? If so, contact Ensuite Media and we will optimize your website’s search engine visibility and position so that you can catch your potential clients when they are searching for your products or services.