Ensuite Media has the tools and the expertise to put your products and services at the very foreground of the digital world. We help you get your message across in a way that resonates with your audience and showcases the different facets of your business. Accordingly, we’ve created a whole selection of online services which includes visual and written content creation, search engine optimization, and social media moderation. On top of that, we also offer a newsletter development and management service which allows you to interact with your client base through a fun and convenient medium. “How will a newsletter improve my customer engagement?” you may ask. Let us demonstrate how:

What is a newsletter?
First of all, let’s define our topic. A newsletter is an email sent to a pre-selected list of recipients who have previously shown interest in your activities. It tends to combine textual information with engaging graphics, in a way that is meant to grab the reader’s attention and, most of the time, redirect them to your website. A newsletter is meant to update your audience on a given topic and is often sent out on a periodic basis.

What are the perks of producing a newsletter?
Communicating through a newsletter fosters an amicable relationship between you and your audience. Since you know exactly who you are talking to, your message can contain specific information and be personalized. For example, adding the recipient’s name to the email subject line is a good way to stimulate client engagement.

Also, when using an email marketing service such as MailChimp, your newsletter’s metrics and stats are easily available. For example, you can know how many people opened your email and how many times each link was clicked. Such precious data can be analyzed and used to improve your future campaigns.

Another aspect that makes the newsletter a great digital marketing technique is its length. Longer than a social media post yet shorter than a blog post, it makes for the perfect short and sweet read that is detailed yet enjoyable. And the best part is, you are in total control of the information being sent out!

How often should I send newsletters?
The frequency of communication is totally up to you. Doing it on a monthly basis is a good start, as it will be frequent enough to update your members and help them remember your brand without being overwhelming. Also, you can always ask your subscribers upon subscription how often they would like to receive information and go along with that.

Ensuite Media’s Tips
More than half of emails are now opened on mobile devices as opposed to computers. Therefore, any newsletter design should be optimized for mobile reading. As such, be mindful of your character count, make sure your chosen template looks as awesome on a mobile device as it does on a computer, and avoid long paragraphs.

According to a recent study conducted by MailChimp, the best time to send an email is between 7 and 10 AM. Scheduling your newsletter to be delivered around that time on a weekday is your best bet, especially since people tend to check their emails in the morning, when their head is clear and they are ready to receive fresh information.

Also, keep in mind that your letter shouldn’t sound too promotional. Instead, try giving it a personal touch and adopting a casual tone, so that your reader feels involved and captivated by the content. And remember to close your newsletter with a call to action encouraging users to get in direct contact with you.

Interested in working with Ensuite Media to create your perfect newsletter? Get in contact with one of our Success Managers now and let’s build it together.