Social media offers many opportunities to today’s businesses. However, some networks are developing more than others, which is the case for Instagram. In fact, coming out with Instagram Stories was simply a way to follow trends set forth by consumers!

The attention of users is always changing. In the past, users changed their habits by opting for mobile devices instead of computers. Today, analysis shows that there is a higher interest for videos compared to images, and for stories compared to the newsfeed. All these elements land Instagram Stories right on trend. What’s more, Stories generate more engagement from users – 1 in 5 receive a message instantly – with more than 40% of those being video. Instagram is, therefore, an essential tool for businesses. In fact, one-third of the most-viewed stories come from businesses.

However, some tips, offered by Adeline Alleno, Instagram expert at Ensuite Media, allow for the optimization of video Stories in order facilitate production and increase engagement.

Firstly, “create your Stories as if they will be played with no sound, while still offering a pleasant experience to those who watch with sound,” recommends Alleno.

Next, “you need to relay your message in the first 2 seconds,” she explains. The user needs to understand right away. The optimal length of a video is under 15 seconds.

“Stories also allow businesses to gather their community and involve them more.”

Instagram recently added new tools like polls and gauges. These allow companies to learn the opinions of consumers in a direct way while appearing empathetic.

“It is strongly recommended to give a narrative aspect to Stories in order to stage products or promotions,” explains Alleno.

The rapid evolution of tools and effects will simply increase the possibilities for user engagement – it’s up to you to play!